Q and A - How Does it Work?

Royal Snow Removal of Glenshire Q & A

Q & A – How Does it Work?

Royal is offering automatic route based snow removal for 2023 and 2024 west of The Strand in Glenshire. Or prepaid per occurrence Will Call service is available throughout Glenshire for 2023 and 2024.

Q – How does it work?
A – Step 1) Request a Glenshire Snow Removal quote by calling 530 550 9159 or fill out the website form.
Step 2) Print, fill in your info with quoted amount and sign the agreement located on the tab bar above. You can send it to us in the address on the service agreement or we can sometimes pick it up if you are experiencing medical issues and are home-bound.
Step 3) Pay for the service, you can simply use Zelle with our phone number above but we will still need the original signed paper agreement in the US mail. Or a check in the mail with the original signed paper agreement. Also you can use a credit card through the Payment Gateway on the tab bar above for will calls only. but there is a $50 up-charge for full contracts paid through the website. We are working on a better credit card payment method. (We may also sometimes accept trades for physical things, like a Honda snow blower or an old car, but not other services.)

Q – How does a seasonal agreement work?

A – Once you have paid and signed the agreement we will set “curb appeal green” reflective snow stakes to define the area to be cleared of snow. Once the snow starts falling we wait until at least an average of 4 inches accumulates around the Glenshire area. At that time we usually head out with the tractor and complete a route clearing all of the driveways. Will Call requests may be peppered in along the route if they are called in ahead of the storm. During larger storms we may wait until the the heavy snow passes to insure you a clean driveway. Snow may be 24-48″ or more from your garage door depending on the snow and grade of your driveway.

Q – How does a Will Call work?
A – Some customers choose to have their driveway cleared only when needed. If the request is in before the driver goes out on their route, then the Will Call request may be placed on that route.
As a general rule, If you think you will need more than 2 or 3 Will Calls in a season then you are better off with a full season agreement. A willcall is up to two tractor passes and about 15′ wide or less. It is to gain access to your house or garage only unless otherwise in writing with signature of Royal Snow Removal owner and customer.

Q – Is clearing my mailbox included?
A – Usually yes, but It depends. If you have a regular mailbox at the corner of your driveway then yes the quote includes clearing it for your mail delivery. If we pass it by then please let us know. However, If your mailbox is located away from your driveway, across the street, or past your driveway by more than 7 feet then we will not clear it regularly. If you find that your mailbox is not being cleared because it is not in a good serviceable location then ask us and we can show you a better location you can move it to.

Q – Is clearing the big city plow berm after a storm included?
A – Usually yes, We will make ONE final run to clear the big berms. Sometimes it will be small enough to drive over or sometimes the city plow will not set it until after the final run if you are on a back street. You can give us a call if you can not get in or out of your driveway and we will then try to be there to take care of it when time allows. Our goal is to not have the phone ringing, because we did it right the first time. However the default is one service per 24 hours and one berm removal. Existing customers may request addional berm removal at $100. Non contracted customers would be a standard will call at $150 or more but we would do the berm and driveway too.

Q – Can a customer use a credit card? How about American Express?

A – Although a check in the mail works great, we prefer Zelle transfer to our phone number 530-550-9159 as a fast payment service. Otherwise yes, all major credit cards are accepted though our secure payment gateway on the website. There is a $50 up charge for full season contracts paid through the website payment gateway. There is no additional charge for smaller will call payments. We are seeking a better credit card payment method buy cash is always king. Royal Snow will never see or store your credit card number and all transactions are handled by PayPal, a trusted and secure online company. We still require the original signed agreement sent via US mail.

Q – How fast can I get a quote and service?
A – Between October 10 and April 28 we strive to provide same day service or at least within 24hrs and often within the hour. For faster service, please call our 24hr line at 530 550 9159 and leave a message. (We will call back within a few weeks or a month or so during the summer)

Q – How do I know if I’m getting a good deal?
A – We will try to meet or beat any of our local Glenshire competitors that operate similar snow blowing equipment on articulating tractors. If you get a fresh quote for a lower price then please bring that to our attention.

Q – Is Royal Snow Removal Insured?
A – Yes.

Q – Are you a “green” company?
A – We use human power only (bike, walk) to inspect driveways for quotes on the west side of The Strand during the dry season. We also use bio-diesel when it’s available, it recycles otherwise wasted oil and smells like french fries from the exhaust. The tractor garage is fully solar powered. We also generate plenty of plant life giving CO2 for healthy green plants and trees to thrive and convert to oxygen for animals and humans to breath and exhale back into CO2. Although we produce much life giving Carbon Dioxide, we also have a small amount of the bi-product of carbon monoxide which actually contributes to cooling our planet through sun shading, similar to a volcano but on a negligible level.

Q – What kind of equipment does Royal Snow use?
A – We operate a reliable industry standard Holder C9700H articulating tractor, with a snow blower attachment. They power through the toughest of snowbanks and can handle 3 or 4 feet of fresh snow with ease.

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