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Royal Snow Removal of Glenshire – Terms and Conditions 

1) The rate quoted entitles you to have Royal Snow Removal clear your road, lot, berm, or driveway during the November 1st 2022 to April 12th, 2023 Glenshire snow removal season once per 24 hours.
2) Royal Snow Removal may install snow poles to mark your road, lot, or driveway. Snow poles define the service area, the paved portion of your driveway up to 24 -48 inches from your garage or other objects. Steeper grade driveways will have a larger berm at their garage. Royal Snow is not responsible for clearing the berm at your garage door.
3) Royal Snow Removal reserves the right to determine routes, start times, and will not guarantee a specific time of service. Customers will be serviced on a route basis, once within a 24-hour period. Routes start after at least 4 inches of snow accumulates on average throughout the neighborhood.
4) Extreme Snow Conditions- Royal Snow Removal will make reasonable effort to provide timely service during severe storm conditions. Routes may be delayed beyond the 24-hour period due to rapid snow accumulation, limited visibility, equipment breakdowns, impassable public roads, or road closures.
5) Customers and property users will not hold Royal Snow Removal responsible for any accidents that may occur on or around the service area before, during, and after snow removal not directly involving our equipment. Royal Snow will not be responsible for damage due to unseen objects or to pavement that will not withstand snow removal operations due to deterioration or poor construction.
6) The customer is responsible for keeping the service area clear of personal property. Please keep firewood, shovels, snow toys, etc. clear of your driveway. Customers will be held financially responsible for all damages to Royal Snow Removal equipment due to any objects left in the service area.
7) Royal Snow Removal is not responsible for ice on or around driveways or snow packed by vehicles. Mailboxes must be located at corner of driveway to be serviced.
8) Willcalls are one time per full quoted advance payment for up to 2 tractor passes/lanes, approximately 14′ wide maximum total, and at the drivers discretion. Will calls are intended to open access to customers house or garage only. Will call quotes are good for 12 hours and may change or be canceled without notice after that time frame.
9)Royal Snow Removal reserves the right to deny or refuse service to anyone for any reason at anytime. Any variance must be in dated writing on paper and signed by both customer and Royal Snow Removal owner. Increased willcall pricing should be expected during heavy snow conditions or if the driveway snow has not been removed within 1 week prior of service date.
10) All agreements must be paid at initial signup date or service will be suspended until the next storm route after full payment date. Royal Snow reserves the right to Or rescind service on a season contract by returning a prorated dollar amount by date. No refunds. All will calls must be paid on day of service. 1.5% per month interest is charged on all past due amounts.

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End of agreement. Please mail with a check to 14592 Royal Way Truckee, CA 96161 for your Glenshire snow removal season.